The art

The above drawing of Christ is part of a bigger piece. It will be a three piece in one drawing. I am not finished yet. I drew it in pencil and touched it up with black and white digital painting. At this time I am working on the grass. I put down a pencil layer on paper, smudged it with a blending stump, and then scanned into my computer. The pencil layer is my foundation for texture and value.  Using Corel-Paint, I zoom in and work on it blade by blade using black and white digital painting. Here is some of it so far - it is just the bottom slice:


A big thanks goes out to Hayden. He was my Jesus model. I took numerous photos of him to use for reference. He is a young man of Romanian decent. Northern Mesopotamia is the geographic region where the Jews came from. Romania is not far from there. With his olive skin and Jewish nose, I think Hayden exhibits some of the morphological characteristics of the ancient Israelites (i.e. Jesus Christ). He made a great Jesus model. Thanks Hayden!

I will upload the complete picture when I am finished with this work-in-progress. It will be similar to sequential art when I am done, with three pictures in one. You'll see.